Our Mission:

Our mission is to reach out to kids who are interested in computers and technology. We provide a safe place to learn and play. Through the use of computer games, we teach kids the needed skills to make computers work, as well as develop social skills, and learn the importance of giving back to community.

Our Vision:

To reach out to youth who are interested in computers and technology. Help these young people by providing a safe place, where they will not be picked on for their interest, but instead we will help them foster their interest to learn more, to learn social skills, and to give back to the community. We draw kids to us by playing computer games. We teach how to build computers, as well as how to test different parts and components to get them back into working order. We then help them develop these skills by working on donated computers, to refurbish them. These refurbished machines, are then donated to local charities that work with kids and senior citizens.